Monday, July 25, 2011

Splendid engagement rings are a sight to behold

Engagement Rings
An engagement ring is usually presented to a woman who is betrothed to a man in marriage. The first documented engagement ring was presented by Arc Duke Maximilian of Austria to his betrothed bride to be Mary of Burgundy in the year 1477 at Vienna.
Engagements rings are customarily worn only by the woman after she accepts the proposal of the man. In some parts of the world, both man and woman wear an engagement ring as an indication that they are in waiting for marriage. In some cultures, engagement rings are also worm as wedding rings on the day of marriage. Traditionally, in Europe and the United State, engagement rings are diamond studded or with some precious gems.
Engagement rings can be bought by the man or by the couple together. These are usually worn in the left fourth finger as it is contains the “vein of love”. In some countries the engagement ring is first worn on the left finger and put on the right fourth finger after marriage along with the wedding band. Some cultures solder the engagement and wedding ring and wear it on the right or left fourth finger.
In early times it was considered mandatory that the material used on an engagement ring should be of value equivalent to one month of income of the man who is proposing. And, if he broke the engagement, the woman sued the man for depression, loss incurred in marriage arrangements and loss of other marriage proposals.
The most popular engagement rings are the princess diamond rings or the three diamond studded rings. However, a diamond solitaire and other precious stone arrangements are used quite often based on what the bride likes. These rings can be made of gold, titanium and even silver.
The bracelet originated in Greece from the term brachile' meaning 'of the arm'. Bracelets are considered a jewelry item and in commonly worn on the wrist. A bracelet can be made out of wood, plastic, shell, cloth or any other material. It is sometimes even used as an item to identify in hospitals and night clubs.
Gold bracelet are normally mixed with some silver to prevent it from bending easily. It can be studded with rubies, sapphires or emeralds. In ancient times, gold bracelets were used to determine the status, tribe and even ranking of the person. Shapes, sizes and the number of gold bracelets worn on the hand would determine the power the man wearing it wields.
A trend today is to wear a gold charm bracelet. One can decorate the bracelet with personal charms and even have them studded with precious stones. High quality techniques are used to give a rich and elegant look to suit the taste and desires of customers today. One can choose flamboyant, elegant and wonderful patterns according to their desire.