Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Benefits Of Upgrading To A Fireplace Insert

Fireplace Insert
An old fireplace with minimal heating efficiency can be upgraded by using fireplace insert.  Any existing masonry or factory built fireplace can be used to install and insert one. Today fireplace inserts have better operating efficiency as well as an enhanced appearance. It is made of steel or cast iron with insulated glass doors which allows enjoyment of a blazing fire but with higher energy efficiency. There are different types of inserts available today.
The traditional insert allows the burning of wood but keeps the heat intact thus minimizing utility bills but adding a delightful ambiance to a room. Others such as gas, electrical or gel inserts permit the burning of clean fuel, thus making it eco-friendly. Gas inserts have a clean fire which is possible due to usage of gas flame under ceramic logs. There is no toxic smoke and it can also use the existing natural gas system. 
Electric fireplaces are plugged to the wall outlet and create the appearance of a fire without an actual fire. It therefore requires no vent but it is also the least realistic in appearance. But it is the cheapest as it requires very little energy to run it. Pellet inserts use recycled material like cardboard, wood scraps and other waste. Inserts are made using the latest technology and have features like thermostats, blowers and fans. The inserts need a vent (chimney), or are vent free depending on the material used. Inserts are available in a variety of colors, styles and finishes and range from the traditional to the modern. Many sizes are available to fit into any existing fireplace.
Enjoy a beautiful fire at the touch of a button by using gas logs in the fireplace insert.  The logs are designed to imitate the traditional wood burning fire. The difference is that these logs are made of ceramic, concrete or ceramic fibers.  The logs are designed to look like real wood therefore it looks and feels like a traditional wood fire. It can be installed in any existing fireplace whether it is prefabricated or vent-less. It comes in vented and vent-less type.
Vented logs have the look of a wood fire. The gas fire under the logs provides a clean burning fire with no toxic smoke. The fire is started at the touch of a button and it leaves behind no ashes as is the case with wood fires. This fireplace has the looks and ambiance of the traditional fireplace without the hassles of lighting a fire or cleaning the fireplace. It can simply be switched on or off. The logs are fueled by natural gas or propane. Natural gas is the fuel of choice as it is cheaper, safer and burns cleanly.