Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scat Mat: An essential cat training accessory!

Hidden Litter Box
When you have a small apartment with no lawns and still love to keep cats as pets, it can sometimes create minor problems for you. The worst part is cats littering around everywhere, especially when the rooms are small and you have to keep it looking tidy at all times. A hidden litter box can be the best solution ever that can hide your pet’s litter. Nowadays, you get decorative boxes that can hide your cat’s litter box inside it. The poor animal also gets the freedom to do anything that it wishes to, out of your sight as well as out of the sight of guests. Even cats and dogs need privacy just as we do, and these hidden litter boxes provide that much needed privacy. In addition it also keeps out any odor or foul smell that pets usually create.
The different materials used in making a hidden litter box include wicker and other natural woven materials that are very attractive and provide an aesthetic appeal as well. It does not usually clash with the rest of your furniture since the styles and patterns available are very trendy and modern. It is also very easy to use and the cat can easily go in and out of it smoothly. It's a hassle-free piece of simple object that takes little time to train your cat to go to its new hidden litter box.  In fact after a time it has been seen that cats enjoy using the box and adapt to it very easily.
It does happen at times that cat’s get into doing things that they should not, or otherwise act in ways that are not very acceptable. Therefore another necessary item that you should be having when you have a cat as a pet is the scat mat. These products are best to curb those behavioral problems in pets to make living with them much easier. Cats have a tendency to claw on furniture and other items continuously. This is one of the reasons people avoid keeping cats as pets since it ruins expensive furniture and upholstery. The scat mats are electronic and pretty harmless in nature. But they can effectively keep cats away from your furniture and any other place where you do not want them to go and create a nuisance. It emits a mild static stimulation when any pet touches the scat mat, and quickly drives them away. This device is the most valuable aid in training any pet to avoid areas where you do not wish them to enter.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Men’s wedding bands are a good alternative to the traditional ring!

Men’s Jewelry
Compared to women’s jewelry, men’s jewelry items may be less, but they are not behind when it comes to fabulous designs and latest patterns. Many renowned fashion houses have launched special jewelry line for men as well that includes attractive wedding bands, rings, bracelets, cuff links, jewelry wristwatches etc.  Marriage is considered one of the most joyful occasion in one’s life, and just as brides love to get all decked up in their best attire and ornaments, men love to do the same as well. Therefore it does become important to choose the right jewelry items related to your wedding to bring that unique and perfect look on this special day. The exchange of wedding rings between couples is a traditional and age old custom, the only difference being most modern couples nowadays love to exchange wedding bands instead of rings. This custom of exchanging wedding rings or bands is a presentation of eternal love and therefore the rings are equally important for girls as well as men. This is the reason jewelry manufacturers have started designing equally beautiful and attractive bands and other jewelry items for men as well.
With the help of the internet, shopping for fine and exquisite men’s jewelry has also become much easier. But while selecting a wedding band there are several factors that you should look into such as the longevity of the material used; whether the metal is of good quality which does not wear out easily, if its gold, then the weight and the carat used etc. Online shopping will let you come across a number of different designs, patterns and craftsmanship. Such as some men prefer light weight wedding bands, you can buy the simple plain gold ones; whereas if you are more interested in wearing a heavy stuff you always have the option of purchasing designer bands embedded with precious stones or other types of heavy and tight bands. Everything depends on individual comfort and affordability, but you can easily get something of your choice once you shop online. Nowadays you even get customized wedding bands where you can add your own innovative ideas and get it made from an authentic jewelry shop.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Scarecrow-The Best Repellent For Crows

Scarecrow Motion Sprinkler
A scarecrow is made of sticks and straws designed into a human figure wearing pants, shirt and a hat. This figure was attached to a long stick and kept mostly in the gardens or fields to frighten the birds and animals who come to destroy the crops. The scarecrow is moved around with the force of the wind or breeze which scares the crows and other birds away. Among the birds, crows and sparrows are the main culprits who eat the seeds and sprouts from the bedded soils. This type of scarecrow was the only way, before the advent of technology, that the farmers could frighten the birds away at that time.
The recent technical scarecrow which is very popular with the farmers and gardeners is called Contech Scarecrow. This is a motion activated sprinkler system which works by spraying water in the direction of any animal or bird to scare it away. This spray of water is followed by a noise and a shake of the sprinkler head which deters them even more. The area covered by this sprinkler is nearly 1000 square feet and effectively manages to keep most wildlife away.
There are also chemical repellent available which imitate natural substance which repel animals. Most animals are repelled by the urine of their predators. For example a repellent which has the odor of a tiger’s urine will deter most animals. The repellents fall under two types, one is odor and the other taste. Odor repellent work better in warm climates while taste repellent work in cold climates. The deer repellent is the taste one and it works only after it has bitten the plant. So, if one wants to repel a deer, just spray the repellent on to the plant. These repellents are not poisonous so it will not harm the animals only drive them away. It is not harmful for humans and plants too. There are many types of these available and one can even order online.
The other non chemical repellents are barbed wire or electrified fence which has light electricity to frighten them away.  Then there are high frequency whistles which are used on vehicles driving on highways, to scare the deer away. There are a lot of cases where the deer gets in the way of the cars and die.  Each repellent is specific for certain animals, for example a repellent which works on a rabbit will not work on a fox.  There are repellents for domestic animals too, in the form of ultrasonic devices.