Monday, July 18, 2011

Soft Claws- the best alternative to prevent cats from destroying furniture!

Soft Paws
You may love your soft furry friend and will go out to make it comfortable and safe in your home but one habit that you may detest is clawing on your expensive furniture. No matter how hard you try to remove this bad habit, cats have this tendency to claw on furnitures, bed stands, table stands etc. They are born with this natural habit, but it can ruin the look of your beautiful home as well as destroy costly furniture. Soft Claws is a great product that you can use to prevent such acts of your pets. They are simple plastic coverings that you can put over each one of your cat's claws. If you find it difficult to the job yourself, you can take the help of a vet to put on the claws, also known as soft paws.
You’ll really appreciate the benefits that these soft claws provide that can help protect all your furniture and furnishings. Previously when such products were not available, many pet owners used to declaw their pets. But this is an inhumane act and is also declared as illegal by animal rights activists. Soft paws were initially the concept of veterinarians, who after a lot of thoughtful research came to the conclusion of developing these soft claws. Scratching is a natural behavior of cats and you simply cannot stop them from doing so. But then again, it’s not feasible to hurt them by declawing these poor animals. The best alternative is to let them scratch in a way that they fulfill their needs but it doesn’t destroy your furniture in any way. As mentioned soft claws are sorts of nail coverings or nail caps that are made of vinyl, which you need to glue on to your cats nails. These are harmless, painless and very safe to use on pets. Just sit back and relax, and you will se your cat scratching away to its hearts content; yet your home furnishings will not be damaged. The materials are non-toxic as well and therefore are not harmful for the cat’s health. Log on to the internet and you will come across websites that sell such authentic products. Make your feline friend happy and keep your home looking beautiful for years.