Friday, July 8, 2011

Prevent animals from attacking you with safe animal deterrent products!

Animal Repellent
More and more people all over the world are making use of animal deterrent products as a safeguard against wild animals and to keep their gardens and plants clean and safe. Such products are also very helpful when you are in habit of roaming in streets and markets, but scared of doing so because of s tray animals. These are safe products made of eco-friendly raw materials that are harmless on animals as well as humans. But these animal repellent products are very effective in driving them far away from your premises.
·         The Muzzle Spray: Just as pepper sprays are used by women against stalkers, similarly such sprays can also be used against wild and harmful dogs. This technique can be employed by walkers and joggers, cyclists, elderly people etc. to prevent dogs, grizzly bears and other wild animal from attacking them. The pepper sprays used against wild creatures are not very strong and are safe. Such animal deterrent sprays can be targeted in the eyes of the animals that cause an irritation and they take to their heels. The dogs can also experience temporary pain but it will subside after some time.
·         Ultrasonic Animal Repellent: This is a very small gadget that emits a shrill high frequency sound which is inaudible to human ears. But this sound is intolerable to dogs, deers, bears etc. and can prevent them from coming anywhere near your premises.
·         Scarecrow Sprinkler: The scarecrow sprinkler is an effective animal deterrent that will deter deer, rabbits, cats, dogs, raccoon, squirrels, skunks, heron, geese, and other small animals from entering your gardens, lawns and any other area. Whenever it detects an intruder it gets activated with the help of its high quality motion sensor and releases a full blast of cold water. A complete 3-second burst of water is emitted that instantly takes the trespasser off-guard and scares it out of the premises.
Whether you need to carry them along or install it anywhere inside your premises, it can be easily done since none of these are bulky in nature. It is best to search the products online where you will come across various types of animal repellent ideas that are cost-effective and useful.  The idea behind all these animal deterrents is to safely prevent oneself from getting attacked by these ferocious dogs, bears and other wild animals without hurting them in any way.