Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spray Guns and Drill Press Are The Two Efficient Hand Tools.

Hand Tools

Drill press and spray guns are the two important hand tools that are used for performing specific tasks. Drill press is the most commonly used tools. It is a very important tool for drilling holes in different kinds of materials. Drilling press is very efficient in drilling the holes and is preferably used by plumbers, carpenters, electrician etc. This is a versatile tool which can be used to finish the bounty of jobs in a very short time. Drill press was designed to work with metals but now it is being used with variety of materials like wood. It can be used for plenty of purposes. There are two types of drill press available in the market, one is floor drill press and the other is the bench-top drill press. Floor stand drill press is used for commercial purposes because it requires more power and can hand variety of materials whereas bench-top drill press is compact, less demanding and is well suited for little work, it is much cheaper than the floor stand drill press.
One should always be very careful and cautious while using this tool as your little laxity may lead to serious ramification. You should always follow the safety norms while operating the drill press. Following are the tips that you always keep in mind while using the tool for your own safety:
  • The user should always remember to wear eye protection while working on the floor.
  • One should always run the drill press on correct cutting speeds.
  • Instead of using hands, brush should be used to remove waste chips.
  • You should gradually reduce the pressure as bits break though material.
  • Putting too  much pressure is a big no. one should always avoid putting too much pressure while drilling.
  • Dull bit should be sharpen or replaced.
  • You should immediately remove the drill chuck key once the work is done.
This is also an effective hand tool which is mainly used for painting purposes such as furniture painting, fence, vehicle etc. One of the advantages of the spray gun is that it can carry out big tasks in a very little time. Spray guns are any day better than the painting brush. Spray gun carry out more efficient and uniform color coating with very little effort and offer flawless finish to the product painted. Spray guns perform two major functions, one is that it atomizes paint and the other is that it get it move towards the work.