Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Solitaire Diamond - The Most Popular Among Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond engagement rings are considered to be the most romantic choice according to the women and it is also what they dream of.  It is very important to consult a known jeweler before choosing any kinds of diamond rings so that the proper cut and to know the characteristics.  By knowing the characteristics of diamond rings it will be easier to protect the delicate shapes.
The heart shaped diamond is known to be the most popular choice in engagement rings as it is very elegant and romantic.  But there are many characteristics to be considered when choosing a heart shaped engagement ring.  The size of the stone and the carat should be chosen carefully, for if the stones are too small then the circular cuts may be distorted.
The solitaire diamond ring has been the most popular choice for an engagement for decades.  This classic design consists of a diamond on a gold band, hence the name solitaire.  Diamonds which have the best quality should be picked to make this ring.  To make these rings more unusual, the band can be made from a blend of two metals or colors.
Since an engagement is once in a lifetime, it would be a wonderful idea to go for unusual patterns when choosing these diamond rings.  There are different shapes of bands to choose from apart from the standard ones.  The wavy band looks very unique and gives a perfect look to the diamonds.  Even the shapes of the solitaire diamond can differ, it can be found as pear shaped or marquise shaped.
When buying diamond rings, it is important to consider the properties including the clarity, carat weight, cut and color.  The cut refers to the quality and how well it is able to reflect light.  The color is very important when choosing one for an engagement ring.  There a few colors to choose from, with the colorless diamond being the most expensive.  The clarity of a diamond is decided by the number of flaws found in them.  The more flaws it contains, the lesser will be the sparkle.   The carat weight of the diamond is the main factor among the others in determining the price.
By knowing the preference of the partner, the easier way to choose the right engagement ring is to visit most popular jewelry showroom and view the various designs before purchasing.  The website of some of the famous jewelers provide all the latest designs and it can be ordered online too.