Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ambiance Of Traditional Fireplace With Wood Stove

Wood Stove
The warmth and ambiance of a crackling fire in a fireplace on a chilly night can’t be beaten by any electric heater. Traditional fireplaces are not fuel efficient and also pollute air, but installing a wood stove can improve performance by giving effective heating keeping the ambiance intact. Wood burning stove are built on top of a hearth for better heat transfer and safety. Improved technology has made these stoves capable of giving temperature much hotter than basic fire .It also ensures that there is complete combustion of fuel used and emissions are reduced. Integrated air circulation and blower system distribute the heat generated throughout the house efficiently.
Many safety issues need to be taken care when using wood burning stove. Most important of these is to regularly have the chimney inspected and cleaned. Use only wood that has been seasoned for a year as this reduces the creosote from accumulating on the chimney walls. All inflammable material and firewood should be kept away from the stove as it can ignite when too much heat is generated. Keeping a fire extinguisher nearby for dealing with any emergency would be good.
A magnetic thermometer attached to the outer surface of chimney wall to indicate the correct temperature of the stove. This can help in burning the fuel efficiently as burning wood at 250 degree to 460 degree gives optimum temperature. Any temperature below this can result in too much creosote and above this can result in chimney fire.
Using a screen in front of the stove ensures that embers and burned logs do not spill out and cause fire. Care should also be taken when removing the ash from the stove. It should always be collected in a metal container with lid so that the ash is allowed to cool by keeping it outside.
Care should also be taken during installation of the wood burning stove. The flooring on which it is set should be proper. It should not be placed on flammable material like hardwood or carpets. Concrete and ceramic tiles are best preferred for such purpose. It should also be at least 12 inches away from combustible wall or a frame resistant shield should cover the wall.
One of the most important parts of wood burning stove is stove pipe. A double wall steel pipe is ideal as in this the main pipe is covered with a larger pipe which is two inches larger. Installing wood burning stove and pipe is a complicated process so it is advisable to hire professionals for its installation.