Friday, May 20, 2011

Stylish Gold Masonic ring

Gold Masonic Ring
Masonic rings is a precious jewelers piece that a person who wears it signifies that he/she belongs to lodge in general, or that piece which they are wearing reflects the particular order they are involved with. In all Masonic lodges there are two standard signs and symbols from all around the world in which one is square and the other is compass.
If one is going to buy a Masonic ring and they are searching for it then searching online is a better option for we, because it helps them a lot in having a greater choices and designs they are looking for. One is free and independent to choose their designs like traditional design in gold or silver, but most important thing to remember that while purchasing or making deal for any Masonic items is to check and be ensured that the company one is dealing with should be honest and authentic. The rings which one have watched online will have different prices depending on their quality of gold and silver, also price varies in designs of the rings prices of the ring also varies by four factors that are karats, gram weights, design, craftsmanship. Along with this one will also come across with this information that these rings are also provided with their safety box or keepsake box this is because when the ring is not in use one can keep it safe in provided box.
 Likewise gold Masonic ring represents the purity of the middle chamber; however Masonic rings are not made up of pure gold, because pure gold is very soft and malleable and it is not as durable as brass, silver and copper and that is the reason that these kind of substitutes are mixed with gold to increase its strength and durability. In Masonic items a very popular choice is related to gold and white gold.  The difference in Masonic rings between white gold and Gold Masonic rings is that in the White Masonic ring’s gold content is less than its counterpart so it is scratch proof and do not need to be polished as compare to gold Masonic rings.
These rings are also worn as a sign of brotherhood or it is also passed as family generation by generation as their heirlooms. These rings are very difficult to handle as these are precious and are the sign of the old generation.  Other reasons behind it are that it’s very difficult to clean and it gets easily dirtier in the more complicated design the can get so it is very important to clean it. These gold pieces can be soaked in warm soapy water and can be rubbed with soft cloth until the ring is new again.