Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cat Repellent For A Litter Free Yard

hidden litter box
Cats count as a part of the domesticated animals which is used by humans for companionship and for its talent of getting rid of vermin.  This association has been around for at least nine thousand years, as they are the most popular pets after the dog.  Since they are nocturnal in nature, their sense of sight and hearing are very acute.  Their hearing is so acute that a sound which seems faint to humans can be heard very clearly to them.  They depend on the sense of smell than taste, which is better than humans as well.  Cats breed very frequently, if not controlled will result in a large number of cats.  It is best to spay or neutering one’s pet to control it.
A natural behavior in cats is to mark their territory in the homes by hooking their claws over a surface and pulling it backwards.  If one does not want the carpets and upholstery to be torn, it is best to provide them with a scratching post.  Cats usually bury their urine and faeces, the indoor cats are usually provided with a box with litter and made of materials which absorb, like shredded paper, wood chips or sand.  Care should be taken to clean the box daily otherwise it would find some other place.  The cats always find the way to the hidden litter box through its strong sense of smell.  Some cats can even be trained to use human toilets.
Most of the stray cats have the habit of using the gardens and yards to litter which can be very annoying, especially if it is a flower bed.  They usually create their litter spots according to their instinct.  To break off this unhealthy habit one requires a little knowledge into their age old instincts.  It is a known fact among people with the knowledge of wild animals that the scent of urine is what attracts or repels animals.  Most animals will fear the smell of their predator’s urine.  Many companies have come up with the idea of making repellents with this idea in mind.  The cat deterrent comes in the form of a repellent which helps in keeping cats away from the yard to litter. 
Ultrasonic devices which emit a high frequency sound when a cat walks over the yard is one such repellent, an electric wired fence being another one.  Repellents with the smell of the urine of coyote or fox are very effective as it creates the sense of fear.  Most of the repellents are 100% organic so it is safe for the humans and plants.