Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Soft Paws: A decent & safe alternative to declawing you cat!

Soft Paws
I have been using a scat mat for quite some time now and believe me; these mats can do wonders for your pet. It has really helped my ill-mannered feline to transform into a well-behaved cat within a very short period of time. These scat mats are harmless but can actually persuade a cat or dog from scratching or doing any such annoying business where they shouldn’t be doing it. You can use it on furniture, countertops, doorways and even window sills. It shows results within a very short period of time, effectively and safely. The mats also have adjustable controls that you can set to control the throbbing at minimal, medium or high speeds. The settings are usually adjusted according to the size of the pet that you have. If it’s a small kitten or a puppy, a lower setting is the best option. But for larger dogs and big haired a cats you need to set the scat mat at medium or higher adjustments to control the animal better. It gives out a modest pulse that is similar to static and doesn’t seem to inflict any pain to the pets. But yes, I started using these devices on my pet after they had crossed at least 6-8 months, since I didn’t want to scare them in any way. It is always advisable to wait this long so that the emotional development of the animals is not impaired in any way.
Another great invention by a veterinarian for almost the same purpose is a set of vinyl claw covers that can prevent your cat from clawing on your furniture, couches and other such upholstery. It is brilliantly designed that will not stop your cat from trying to claw your furniture but prevent it from destroying furniture, carpeting, etc. Also known as soft paws; these lightweight vinyl are very easy to put on a cat and so comfortable that pets usually do not try to remove them. The 20 colors different colors that are available are also quite attractive and trendy which you can mix and match to make your cat look cute. Soft paws packs also come in rainbow colors and you can have real fun using them on your beloved pet. These are a great alternative to declawing your kitten; which is actually inhuman. If you really care about your pet’s safety, forget declawing and go for soft paws.