Tuesday, March 22, 2011

E-cigarette: A great way to smoke while keeping your health intact!

E Cigarette
There are innumerable benefits that come from smoking an e-cigarette as compared to tobacco. Moreover you are not bound by the same rules when it comes to smoking an electronic cigar since it does not emit harmful smoke and is not hazardous to health. The electronic cigarette produces no actual smoke but actually emits a vapor that is produced by the cigar and may just feel like smoke. But it does not stick to your clothes or breath as normal smoke does. E-cigs are a lot cheaper than the traditional cigarettes and are safe as well.
Though there is a small initial investment in the beginning, where you have to purchase a starter kit; eventually you just have to buy the refilled cartridges and the price for smoking is drastically reduced. Instead of buying a new e-cig each time you want to smoke, you are just purchasing cartridges or getting them refilled. Since these E-Cigarette do not contain tobacco or other harmful toxins and do not emit harmful smoke as well, they are not taxed heavily as the other tobacco products and regular cigarettes. Therefore consumers do not have to bear the burden of paying high prices through their pockets. Another notable benefit with e-cigs is that they do not create as much waste as the traditional cigarettes. Each time you smoke a traditional cigarette you’re left with a butt that you throw off, sometimes in the trash can; out of the car window or on the ground. But with an E-cig, you can refill and smoke the same one a number of times and eventually throw it when you find appropriate.
You can smoke the same cartridge a number of times and end up throwing it away when it's appropriate. Cigarettes that contain tobacco and other fatal toxin materials are potentially fatal for the human body, but this is not the case with an e-cigarette. They also come in many different flavors and you can use a different one every time you refill a cartridge. With the traditional tobacco cigarettes a smoker’s health is always threatened. In fact people around you can also be threatened with serious health consequences if they inhale the smoke in any way. But when you switch over to an e-cig, you can be sure that you are protecting yourself as well as your family from innumerable life threatening diseases.