Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Make Your Home Improvement With Ash Vacuum...

Ash Vacuum
 Basically, a wood stove is a heating device that burns wood or wood derived biomass as fuel. It consists of a cast iron or steel solid metal closed chamber for fire outside, a grate and an air control that can be adjusted. This equipment is connected to a chimney through which the hot air circulates upwards.

Before buying a wood stove, find out the exact reason for obtaining it. Is it just for supplying heat? Or is it doubling up as a cook stove? Some manufacturers specify the area their wood stoves will heat but check with a home heating specialist about the heat loss calculations of your house. This will give some indication on the size of wood stove your home may need to keep it warm in winter. Also, read up on the fuel required and the pollution caused by them as well as the maintenance required. Then try to identify the exact design, style (does the pot bellied stove appeal to you) and color of the stove to suit your needs. Identify the location for your wood stove. Once this is done, go through the building codes or construction specifications in your area to prevent your stove posing some challenges. Your final choice will depend on whether you want to go for aesthetics or practicality and energy efficiency.

Wood stove are generally made of porcelain that can have a wide variety of designer colors, soapstone or cast iron. They come in all shapes and sizes to suit individual homes according to the heat they generate and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Some of them come with features like hidden hinges, self cleaning glass, reversible flues, metallic plated accents, heat gauges etc. They are cost effective heating equipment during the winter months and can double up as a fireplace. They also provide security when the power is off. Generally, hardwoods and softwoods are used to burn as fuel and generate heat. Though they provide similar energy and heat outputs, hardwoods are better because they are obtained from slow growing broadleaf trees and will burn slowly. This will ensure a sustained heat output. Softwoods on the other hand burn quickly and the fire will die down fast. Green wood should never be used for firewood.

Ash from the fireplace is removed by an ash vacuum. It is sucked up when it is turned on. These are made of metal and have fire resistant filters. What is important when procuring an ash vacuum is to check whether the fine particles of ash remain inside the canister even when the switch is flipped on. Besides, it should not cough out any dust when it is being cleaned.