Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Enjoy a puff the healthy way with smokeless e cigs!

Smokeless Cigarettes
Gone are the days when cigarettes were shown as a means to show-off chauvinism and heroism. Nowadays, it is only associated with death, drugs and life threatening diseases. It’s sad but true; that a very high population including teenagers and even in some cases children have fallen prey to this deadly habit known as smoking. More and more deaths related to lung cancer, heart diseases, asthma etc. are increasing just because of smoking tobacco related products. So, you can very well imagine that if something as safe as smokeless cigarettes is invented; what a positive impact it can create all over the world. Unbelievable, but true! Manufacturers have actually come out with something remarkable known as an e cig that is not only a smokeless version, but also reduces health hazards and is cheap as well.
Smokeless cigarettes provide an excellent alternative for people who cannot quit smoking easily; yet do not want to incur the negative health problems associated with smoking the standard cigars. They are socially acceptable as well and can in no way harm people or family members who are with you. An e cig is an inexpensive substitute for normal tobacco products since it is not much as costly and you have just a onetime expense when you buy the starter kit. From the next time onwards you just need to fill the cartridges which are quite cheap compared to the traditional cigarettes. This sort of smoking is indeed an economically wise decision.
What’s more; you get a wide variety of flavors with these smokeless cigarettes that are easily available online. Though you have access to nicotine; the quantity is almost negligible but offers a satisfying experience. That means smoking an e cig will not only give you that feel of nicotine but also give you an access to varied flavors. These cigars, as compared to their traditional counterparts, are much beneficial since it provides a complete smoking experience without the harmful smoke; tobacco, flame and other carcinogenic elements. These electronic cigarettes work with the help of a small rechargeable battery. It also includes a replaceable cartridge having a combination of water, propylene glycol, nicotine. These are also non-flammable in nature and are very safe. So next time you think of taking a puff, go the smokeless way!