Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to choose between single and double pedestal desks

Choosing a sturdy desk for an office or any situation is easy provided you know what you need. There are many desk designs on the market for one to choose from. Some of these designs are even made to cater to certain scenarios, specifically those meant for classrooms to be used by teachers. One of the most basic design elements for a desk is the pedestal. This is a structure attached on the inside of the desk that houses drawers. This enables the desk to serve as a storage unit for the person using the desk as well. There are two main types of this desk design; the single pedestal desk and double pedestal desk. The single pedestal unit has a single pedestal that can be placed either to the right or left side of the desk unit. The double pedestal unit has two pedestals, one on either side of the desk unit. A common dilemma faced when buying a pedestal desk unit is deciding which of these two would be best suited for your purpose. Here are the factors that you should consider. 

Room proportion

The room where the desk will be used is a key factor as its proportion determines what will work well in that environment. It is essential that you have the measurements and room proportions in mind when choosing either version of desk. If space is a limiting factor, it is much better to choose the single pedestal desk design. Similarly, for a large room, a double pedestal unit is much better as it can utilize the space better.

Storage needs

The desk design that you choose will determine how much storage space you get. If the storage needs are low or where the desk is complemented by wall storage units, go for the single pedestal design. If you have large storage needs or intend to use the desk as the main storage unit, then it is better to select the double pedestal desk design. If you are unsure as to how much space will need, it is always advisable to get more space.


Single pedestals are not ideal for large rooms as they may seem offset from the center of the room. Based on these considerations, you can decide on the type of desk will best suit your requirements.