Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Modern Household Devices Making Life simpler- Rain Barrel, Stove Pipes

Rain Barrel

“You don’t know the value of water until the well is running dry.”
Water is one of the most important life- giving substances that nature has endowed us with. It thus becomes an imperative on our part to use water resources efficiently and conserve them for the survival needs of future generations. Rain barrel is specifically designed to assist man in such a task.
A rain barrel is a system that collects and stores the rain water that is running off your roofs. This water that is collected can be used for a number of tasks like gardening, washing the car, watering the gardens. Further, rain water collected and stored with the aid of a barrel in rainy seasons can be utilized during the warmer months of the year when average water use of households increases up to 50% and thereby creates shortage in water supplies. A rain barrel is therefore the perfect device that manages the efficient availability, use and conservation of water resources. An add- on is that it helps households cut down their water bills. It can partly offer a solution to the water acute crisis affecting the arid parts of the world.
Historical records show that rainwater was collected in simple clay containers as long as about 2,000 years ago in Thailand, and throughout other parts of the world. A rain barrel is therefore an advanced and technologically sophisticated form of a clay container originally used to preserve rain water.
It is a task that does not call for much effort or expertise and benefits not only the environment, the present generations living on the earth, but also the future generations that will need water for their survival.
Another simple yet extremely useful household device that can be conveniently used is a stove pipe. A stove pipe refers to the chimney of a coal or wood burning stove. Its chief function is to direct the smoke to the chimney so that it escapes outside the house. It prevents against tar deposition and ensures that escape of hot gases. Stove pipes are available in different sizes, designs and are made out of different materials. However, the most preferred are the wooden stove pipes. There are two kinds of wooden stove pipes: vent – free and venting. Both of these work in different ways. Further, modern wood stove pipes have a number of features like: porcelain and metal facings, temperature gauges, CO2 monitors, etc. The kind of stove pipe you choose should be based on your requirements.
A very important consideration is with relation to the fitting of stove pipes. They should be fitted in a manner to prevent any air leakage. Also one must ensure that they are regularly maintained.
Carefully chosen and maintained they serve the purpose of keeping our houses free of smoke and other hot gases.