Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Keeping the Deer Away: The Best Methods

Deer Deterrent
There are several methods of keeping the deer away from the garden and yards. Deer Repellents, Scarecrows, fences and plants etc are some of them, but it is important to have a proper knowledge about each of the methods in order to effectively keep the Deer away.
Most of the experts are of the opinion that the home made remedies should be combined with deer deterrent to be effective.
  • Dogs: Dogs are known to be one of the best deer deterrents. They will chase the deer away. They are not only effective against the deer but also against cats, rabbits, birds etc. If the dog is not in the habit of wandering then they can be left out in the night as well.
  • Scarecrow: They are one of the most popular methods. They are motion enabled sprinklers that work in both day as well as night. They spray a maximum of 35 feet stream of water for 3 to 4 seconds. A 9 volt battery is required for around 3000 water jets. The water pressure is adjustable to reach farther areas and they come with 24 month warranty.
  • Liquid Fence: They prevent deer and rabbit from eating the flowers, shrubs, vegetable and vines. They are family and pet friendly and water resistant.
  • Electric fence: They are most often used for cattle and in the areas where people are restricted. The electric fence should be placed in such a manner that the deer do not jump them. It can be difficult to find suppliers in urban areas and internet can be used to search suppliers.
  • Deer Repellent Plant Protection: This is a natural deer repellent. It clips easily on the plants and emits a non-offensive ginger smell that keeps away deer, cats and other pests. It is environment safe and there is no bother of spraying. It lasts upto 8 months.
  • Egg Based Deer Repellent: This egg based deer repellent will also not make the deer offensive and it is specially designed for pines, firs, citrus and ornamental plants. It is also known as Deer Away or Deer Off.
  • Human Hair: Bunches of human hair can be tied to the branches of the trees. The human odor spells danger to the deer and they will prefer to stay away.
  • Tree Guard: It is another excellent deer deterrent. It has to be sprayed on the plants, seedlings, hedges or flowers. It leaves a lingering taste that is hated by animals. Keep in mind to not to use it on anything that is to be eaten by humans. It does not wash off and it adheres to the plant continuing to protect it through all weathers.