Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Soft Paws - Declawing Pets Nails

soft paws
As cat’s claws are very stretchy type, it may lead scratches, damages to things on which it sits such as sofas, bed sheets, etc. Soft paws are smooth rubber type nails which are glued on the nails of pets’. They are available in various colors to give pets an attractive one and it also pets themselves keep busy in these attractive nails. Soft claws are also the same thing applied on the nails of pets. These are basically the Nail Caps for Cats and Kittens.
These caps are made fixed to pets’ nails and it is available in numerous attractive colors. As these are smooth, it is helpful to prevent from damaging sofas and other soft, polished items of house. The claws which are available in the store are normally can be glued to kittens when they become 4 months older. Kittens can afford it to wear when their weight is about 5 pounds.  
These are also available in various size and designs. The sizes of claws which are available for cats vary according to their body size and weight. These claws or paws range for four months older kittens, five months older kittens, cats whose weight vary in between 9 to 13 pounds, cats whose weight is 14 pounds and more. These nail caps have to stick to nails thoroughly otherwise it could detached form nails readily.
The colors which are mostly available in stores are clear, blue, pink, pastel pink, pastel blue, pastel blue and pink, white, grey, purple, yellow, green, red, blue and pink mix, and many other colors.  
These claws are available in packet which consists of 40 nails caps, gum, and directions are also given to use it properly. Claws remain in use for about 2 to 3 weeks, but this period entirely depends on the pet’s nature. Some pets of more annoying nature make their claws useless within a week too.  
There are also online stores which make collection of various designs, sizes and colors. In these online stores, one can search the appropriate claws he/ she want more to have to their kittens and cats.   From these website stores, after selecting the appropriate nail claws he can order them online too through various means of transferring money. The online stores which offer claws, paws, and other pet related products are petsmart, petco, and many more.
These online shopping sites offer cats, dogs, fish related products. These sites also offer guidance upon the pet care. How to handle these pets and what to do when these pets are having some health related problems.