Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Defining Fashions with Vintage Styles

Vintage Costume Jewelry
Whether you are preparing for a formal occasion or want to make a strong personal statement is the ability to tap into new styles made from past eras.  The vintage styles available provide you with a new look while combining classic looks that stand the test of time.  Finding the right look for every occasion and making sure it fits with your current wardrobe is the beginning to stepping out from the basic trends and into your defined statement. 
The first set of styles you can look into to dress to the occasion is vintage costume jewelry.  There are a variety of looks from every area.  The jewelry is defined first by era then by the social status that is a part of the look.  There are both informal and formal looks available that you can add into a specialized costume or to use to dress to a formal occasion.  The styles range from retro looks to fashion statements from the early 1920s, all which are able to add into a contemporary wardrobe. 
The vintage costume jewelry is not only available with a variety of looks but also different pieces for your wardrobe.  You can use the vintage styles and add them in with newer looks to compliment your look.  Necklaces, earrings and bracelets are all added in to accent any look while creating a classic style.  If you want a different approach, you can also consider adding in vintage cocktail rings to provide you with a different look and alternative styles for cocktail and formal events. 
The vintage cocktail rings available are also divided by era and style.  You will find everything from specialized gems to cameo rings available.  Each of these carry a look that stands out on your finger and makes a statement of class and style.  The rings are designed with a variety of elements, including patterns, themes and styles that are known through a variety of eras, all which combine to create the perfect look. 
If you want to step back in time to define a new fashion statement, then you can begin with the vintage looks available.  There are a variety of styles available, all which are able to provide a different combination to your current wardrobe.  Adding in costume jewelry in the  form of necklaces to rings allows you to create a different accent to every occasion while providing you with unique and classic looks.